Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pre-Summer Barbeque Party

Summer time in Oman has clearly arrived as temperature starts to soar. You won't last for five minutes outside without getting drenched from sweat. 

Just a week ago I was driving out for lunch with a colleague and although the aircon was on high level, it still felt like I was in a sauna. 

Worst part of it was that sweat was getting into my eyes I had to wipe it while driving and that's not so easy, frankly. But this ain't hot yet. Just not yet.


Anyhow, this week was the perfect time to hit the waters and off we went to a private resort to unwind and enjoy the comforts of a swimming pool.

In Oman, there are private villas which you can rent for a day to basically have the time of your life.

This week, we stayed in this private villa somewhere in Barka. It was truly refreshing to be away from the city and spend some lazy afternoon with friends. And boy, the food was just superb. We had barbeque and all sorts of Filipino food. It was really awesome.

I think I would never get tired of doing this unwinding over and over again. And I don't mind getting invited. 

And this is actually my first ever barbeque party! Oh boy, the smell and taste was excellent and I suddenly felt like I was transported back to the Philippines.

Some useful tips though when renting a private villa:

1) Bring some disco music. Most likely the villa will have its own sound system.

2) Prepare some games to break the ice.

3) Bring your drinks- whatever pleases you. Nobody would bother. Wink!

4) Make sure to bring a camera to capture memories because it's gonna be a blast definitely.

5) Clean up after the party.

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