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Dance | La Rueda

Updated as of: Dec. 21, 2014

Our Salsa Class has introduced "La Rueda" a couple of months ago. According to Mr. Wiki- 
"In the 1950s Salsa Rueda or more accurately Rueda de Casino was developed in Havana, Cuba. Pairs of dancers form a circle ("Rueda" in Spanish means "Wheel"), with dance moves called out by one person. Many of the moves involve rapidly swapping partners (Source: Wikipedia)"
It is a fun, entertaining and playful form of social dance, where groups of people get a chance to dance with almost everybody. A leader calls out a dance name (sometimes, according to Fernando, the leader can make hand gestures as well) and the dancers have to follow. The names are pretty similar the world over.

Below is a sample La Rueda routine taken on April 5th.

The Rueda moves we have done so far:

1. Dile que no : say no
2. Dame: give me
3. Dame dos: give me two
4. Adios: good bye
5. Enchufla: plug in

6. Enchufla la festival: plug in the festival
7. Cucarachas: cockroaches
8. Fuma lo: spray it
9. Mata lo: kill it
10. Patin: skating

11. Enchufla doble: plug in double
12.foto: photo
13. Las hermanas policias: police women
14. Sombrero
15. Sombrero komplikada

16. Exhibila (starts from Adios)
17. Initial (starts from Enshufla)
18. Pulpo
19. Pulpo komplikada
20. Coca cola

21. Enshufla el midio
22. Enshufla la rumba
23. Trenta y tres
24. Ariba (reverse)
25. Principe malo (slap the hands)

26. Principe bueno (kiss the hands)
27. Zero
28. Otso
29. Montana
30. Adios hermanas

31. Adios La Familla
32. Dero (La Montana Komplikada)
33. Long breathe
34. Paso Basico
35. Paso Espanya

36. Un querda
37. A la playa
38. Con mi tuwalya
39. Sienta la
40. La Cintura (Waist)

41. Sitenta
42. Princesa mala

Suggested Choreo:

Dile Que No
Enshufla Festival - Dile Que No
Mata Lo - Dile Que No
Initial - Dile Que No
Pulpo - Dile Que No

Special notes:

Ariba - can be called in any transition moves (even at the last minute) which means that the flow will be reversed.

Komplikada - is an extension of an existing move (e.g. sombrero into sombrero-komplikada).

Certain moves belong to certain families such as adios, adios hermanas, adios la familla.


La Rueda April 5.

"Rueda De Casino" in Salsa (dance).

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