Thursday, May 1, 2014

Every Second Counts... When You're Racing for a Spiderman 2 Ticket

My day has been a very long one, truly very long. I couldn't even think where to start.

Well, the thing is... the story started when a colleague asked what I intend to do for the weekend. It just so happens that I heard from the radio that today's Spiderman 2's first day screening. Yipee! I thought why not watch the movie.

The only mistake I did was not booking the ticket early enough- and this started the whole detour. 

Upon checking at the box office for the 9pm showing of Spidey, me and my colleague were like, "What?!" no more tickets. Well that is not really surprising. The next thing we did was to check on the other cinemas (hoping that they have earlier screening). Thus, we decided to check and see City Center Seeb.

Little did we know that there was NO cinema at City Center Seeb! Can't really blame anybody, we were both naive. And it was such a long drive mind you.

I mean for a big mall like City Center Seeb not to have a cinema is simply appalling.

So from Seeb, we drove all the way back to Grand Mall to get the 11:45 pm showing. And guess what- it was already sold out.

Things were not really turning out well for us, and our only hope was the Shatti Al Qurum Cinema. I was already anxious, it has been a long night and for us not to get a chance to do what we planned is downright frustrating.

In the middle of the traffic, I asked my colleague to get off the car and check with the counter if tickets are still available (fingers crossed). I had to find a parking for the meantime.

Luckily, she got the tickets! At least the night didn't go to waste after all.

Spiderman 2

I loved the movie (but you must understand that it's already 4am, and I have to get up early tomorrow morning).

I especially liked the rollercoaster-like treat for the audience. Every spider swing takes

you closer to a spidey experience. The chemistry of Peter Parker and Gwen was also perfect. It was enough to make you feel an almost genuine romantic feeling, mixed with humor.

But it was the end that left me totally emotionally drained. I know it was for the better, but I feel sad because of what happened. Anyway, I really need to go to sleep now.

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