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DANCE | Salsa and Bachata Index

Here is the index for the SALSA and BACHATA open combinations. Most of the terms I used in here are non-standard and for recall purposes only. 

Should you find any discrepancy between the terms and videos, please feel free to point them out. In any case, these open combinations can be executed in no particular order. But some of the patterns tend to belong into similar moves. 

As dancers, you can decide which patterns you can put together and suitable for your choreo. Enjoy!




Pattern 001 : Hand Flick and Walk Around
Pattern 002 : Drunk Butterfly with Hairbrush


Pattern 001 : Cross Body Lead to the Side (from the shoulder)
Pattern 002 : Rhumba with Man's Body Roll
Pattern 003 : Hand Flick with Lady's Hammerlock Ending in Dip
Pattern 004 : Enshufla Doble with Walk ending in Lady's Wall
Pattern 005 : Turn Combinations
Pattern 006 : Lady's Hammerlock Ending in Dip
Pattern 007 : Butterfly with Fall

Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate
Pattern 001 : Rotation (R to R hands)
Pattern 002 : Rotation (R-L hands) with two ending variations



Pattern 001 : Around the World

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