Saturday, July 26, 2014

EVENTS | From Bowling to Spaghetti

Here's a roundup of the busy-event-filled week...

July 21st, my article entitled, "Dancing Shoes" was featured in The site covers topics on pop culture and lifestyle. Dancing Shoes basically talks about how dancing salsa can be a source of support for the expat communities in foreign lands. We also identify the striking difference between Oman and Saudi Arabia in terms of cultural exchanges.

Read "Dancing Shoes" - click here

July 23rd, first ever bowling of Latin Dance Muscat at Oman Bowling Center (Al Khuwair). I am normally good at bowling with average score of above 100, but this day I was extremely spent that I couldn't focus anymore.

But it was actually the monopod of Ajith that made the event. It was a huge hit with everyone as we completely made fun everytime that monopod was raised.

Raise It Higher! Group selfie of Latin Dance Muscat, and boy those faces are just so happy. Photo credits to- Ajith Kuruvilla
Manual Selfie! Okay, so when the monopod doesn't work... press it manually.Photo credits to- Ajith Kuruvilla

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July 24th, Renaissance Day of Oman! It was holiday but I was still at the office, boohoo. And I specifically made a mental note to go home at 6pm- no extensions. But guess what, I got home at 9pm. Just like what someone said, "All work and no play... makes me- well, sleepy."

July 25th, Friday! The second "F" word that I like (the first F is "fineapple", lols), seriously, we deserved to have a Friday break so it was Pinoy Iftar (with Pinoy spaghetti and KFC ala chickenjoy... wondering how to prepare the KFC ala chickenjoy? Simple. Go to the nearest KFC store, buy a bucket, bring it at home and eat it, thinking that it's from Jollibee).

But more than the dinner is the tearjerker movie, "Miracle in Cell No. 7" which left my eyes so puffed and my chest so heavy (I am to write a follow up review on this movie).

I just love Filipino style spaghetti.Photo credits to- Angel

To cap the Friday gathering is a little rueda that ended until 2 in the morning. That's a lot of action in one day. Oh, and did I mention the lady in the stairs.... hmm, well that's something to write about on a separate article.

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