Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WORLD CUP 2014 | Final Match - Germany vs Argentina

And now we are down to the final stage of the World Cup 2014 (play PitBull and JLo's We Are One in the background).

And though I am not a soccer aficionado myself, I still am uberly excited about this final match because I have sort of predicted and saw this coming (i.e. my wild guess for the top 4 are Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands). 

And whoever wins this game truly deserve the title because both Germany and Argentina have proven to be tough nuts to crack this year. But my heart belongs to the Latinos- Argentina not because Messi is there, but because Argentina can really use some help to boost the morale of the Argentinians who are not in the best economic disposition at the moment.

But I know that Germany will not give away the trophy that easily. So I'm sure this will be really a good fight to watch out for. (More entries on World Cup coming up soon!)

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