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EVENT | Wedding, Dhow and Karaoke... the latest LDM activities

It's almost a month since I have updated my blog (blame it on my post vacation blues). And there has been numerous activities this month... no wonder time flew so quickly.

I am devoting one entry for my beloved Latin Dance Muscat family, because most of the activities I have done were with them. Only shows how I'm so into LDM, that without them my life would be utterly boring in Oman. So here it goes...

August 8
Which Side Are You From? Bride or Groom?
Flashmob at An Omani Wedding

Salsa performance was simply awesome.
To be honest, I have planned my whole vacation around this flashmob making sure that I will be able to perform. And it was all worth it.

What makes the experience interesting (aside from the public exposure) was the fact that as flashmob dancers, we sat together with the guests. And everyone was like- "which side are you related, bride or groom?" And since we cannot really say that we're dancers, we just smiled and replied- "friends of both parties." 

Now that I write this entry, I remembered that I wasn't able to eat anything... because we were on standby just in case anything happens... all the food... but, that's fine. 

Right after the performance, Me, Lux and Kristin rushed to the airport for our flights. #

September 13
Never Jump In the Water Without Life Vests
Dance (Dhow) Cruise & Snorkeling

Latin Dance Members and Friends get candid for a 9-shotter

It's funny (and scary) to think how you end up in sea water trying to get a glimpse of  fish and underwater creatures- then all of a sudden you cry for help and get rescued...

It was a fine Friday afternoon (although I was still under the influence of Tiki Puka Puka from the night before, after Epi ordered two. I can only tolerate one, and anything above, impairs all my senses... I'm not a good drinker, admittedly).

So I end up sitting on one corner trying to regain composure... and Nuwan and Ajith were like- "what happened to you?"

Later when the dhow started to move, I was on the upper deck looking beyond the horizon. The breeze gave me some sense of peace... And when the dhow finally halted, and everyone jumped in the water... I also jumped. What was I thinking- I would never know... I just jumped.

When my snorkeling equipment didn't work, I started to panic. I was being carried by the underwater current. And though I tried to swim as best as I can, my legs cramped and my body just gave up. I started hearing voices and I got really scared. Could this be the end? I asked myself.

But I had to do something. I cannot die. Not now. So I calmed myself... floated for a while, and asked for help from the nearest person in the water. And it was Fernando! 

I felt saved. Although I still had to get to that dhow to make sure I survive. And then Fernando cracked a joke, and I told him, "It was the least of my concern at the moment."

Nuwan saw us and helped us too. And finally when Brijit's brother saw us, he took me from Fendo and swam all the way to the dhow. I'm just lucky to have these people. If not for them then I won't be writing this.

AFTER that saga, everything went back to normal. At least for me... and then there was a cry for help again. This time it was the couple who drifted quite far. Luckily there was a fisherman who came and saved them.

All in all, it was a fun filled evening. I will never forget this.#

September 19
Hello, Can You Help Me?
Karaoke Night at Fendo's

Singer diva Angel in the house belting Madonna hits

Because we love to sing, we had to find a way to do Karaoke... one way or another. And by that, Angel and Norine made it a reality.

It was not only a night of Karaoke and Pinoy food, but also filled with wacky and hilarious antics from the unbeatable diva of the night- Angel. Papa Don't Preach, Like A Virgin, etc. was part of the repetoire. And he also gave a tribute to Barry Manilow for his soulful rendition of "Even Now" which Angel duet-ed with Chris from Thailand.

And of course, the infamous line- "Hello, Can you help me?" which was heard the entire night. Lux was giggling and laughing everytime somebody repeats the line (it actually originated from a former colleague many years ago... who answered the phone and uttered the line, "Hello, Can you help me?)

The next activity will be a horror movie night.#

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