Wednesday, October 1, 2014

EVENTS | The Many First Times in September

And then of course there are those memorable moments with friends and random people that suddenly jolts your routinary life.

FIRST TIME : Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling

Dolphin watching and snorkeling with colleagues
Frankly this was the first time I've done dolphin watching or snorkeling. Even though I have been in Oman for 14 months, I have not done much activity (I dare say). Because there are so many things that one can do, if only there's enough will and motivation. But then again, Oman has so much to offer. PLUS, with amazing people around, nothing can go wrong.

FIRST TIME : Watch a Live Harp Player Perform

Harp player... my first time to see a live performance
Let's just say that I have some admiration for anything that is old and classic. And a harp being played in public is certainly something that old yet classy that appeals to whole being. To top it all, the harp player started strumming "Ave Maria" which is like my all time fave.

FIRST TIME : Dance Cruise

Dance Cruise folks.. still sober
Although I have done dhow cruises before, this is actually my first time to do a "dance" cruise... where people dance in the dhow. Though the floor is pretty uneven, that didn't really stop us from doing the moves. 

FIRST TIME : Business Development Meeting Through Skype

Business development meeting through skype...
I'm not very sure if I was credible enough, but this was my first time to do some business development meeting with clients from Switzerland. And boy, was I biting my lips whenever I end my sentences, half hoping that I made some sense. But it was a fun experience, and liberating. At least I know where I am heading to in the future... a call center agent... lols

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