Wednesday, October 1, 2014

FOOD | Grilled Fish to Sweets... the Gastro September

Rounding up my whole September- it looks like this month is all filled up with FOOD! To think that I'm a see-food diet (I eat when I see food). But come on, this is Oman, what else can you do aside from dancing?

Grilled Fish at Grand Lounge, Al Khuwair

Grilled Fish at Grand Lounge
Turkish Restaurant in Al Khuwair
My favorite so far when it comes to excellent grilled fish + turkish tea at reasonable price. Their boneless grilled fish comes with some veggies and potatoes at 3.5 RO. 

TIP: They serve free turkish tea (sky's the limit)

Visit them their website:

Tiki Puka Puka at Trader Vic's - InterContinental Hotel

Tiki Puka Puka
at Trader Vics (InterContinental Hotel)
I'm not into alcohol but this one's like petrol.. gives you fuel to rock the salsa dance floor. Okay that's pretty much just an excuse to get pickled... and this Tiki at 4.500 RO as what my former colleagues say, is a cocktail of pretty much everything in the bar.

TIP: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are Latin Nights, with salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, etc. in the playlist. Just be sure to bring your partner if you wanna show some moves. 

Samgyeopsal, Japje, Kimchi, etc. in Azaiba

Korean Food in a Korean Resto in Oman
I'm an avid Korean food lover. It's not just delicious, but also healthy. I say if you want to do a healthy diet, go Korean. Few expats know that there is actually a Korean resto here in Muscat. Location's pretty hard to find but it's worth the trouble. But make sure to come hungry- because you're up for some heavy set menu starting from 10 RO. At the end of the meal, you get the chance to have your photo taken and posted in their wall.

TIP: Bring more friends to share the meal. It doesn't only lowers the bill (when you split it, that is) but also fun. Make sure to learn how to use chopsticks too.

Contact them: | +968 9614 7001 

Look for Mr. Pyeong Ho

Halo Halo at City Center, Seeb

Halo Halo, from the infamous Chowking
 There are two Chowking outlets in Muscat- one in City Center Qurum, and another in City Center Seeb. But I find the halo halo from City Center Seeb more delectable. For those who don't know, halo halo (in English- means "to mix"). It is made from fruits and jelly, topped with finely crushed ice and ice cream and yam. Filipinos usually eat this during summer when heat is unbearable, but of course you can eat it anytime of the day (as you like).

Grilled Chicken at Fishawi, Al Khuwair

One of those spontaneous nights when we decide to go somewhere...
I have this habit of suddenly wanting to go somewhere... the only thing is I don't really have a clear idea where. So out of the blue I blurt out - "Let's dinner ourselves" and off we go to Fishawi.

Fishawi is more popular for locals as a shisha house. But it also serves tea and food. I ordered grilled chicken and at the end I got a sheesh tawook (skewered chicken). I didn't have the energy to complain so I just ate it.

Omani Coffee and Dates

Black coffee and dates... perfect combination

There's something about coffee and dates that make it truly appetizing. It's like you drink coffee and you eat date.. and you long to drink coffee and eat dates... in short, they complement each other.

An Omani friend once told me that when you eat dates, you need to make sure that you end up in even numbers, not in odd... otherwise you will have diabetes. I don't really know how that works. But it's delicious.

Royal Falooda, the Indian Halo Halo at Tropical House in Al Khuwair

The Royal Falooda is an Indian desert made from... uhm, ice cream and some Indian ingredients (I cannot identify). But it was so yummy and sweet enough, and did I mention filling as well.

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