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MOVIE REVIEW | Gone Girl (2014)- Funny, Sinister and Mind Boggling

To be fair, I won't disclose anything on the narrative of the movie. One has to go and see it to actually realize how it is. What I will be writing in this review is basically how I feel about the overall treatment of the film.

Hitchcock's shower scene in "Psycho". 
There are three movies that reminds me of Gone Girl. One is "Psycho" by Alfred Hitchcock, the other "Requiem for a dream" by Darren Aronofosky and finally the 1974's "Carrie." The styling is of course distant from each other, but the way the story was presented- in a back & forth manner made it more interesting. Flashbacks were constantly utilized and provided background for the audience i.e. Day 5, followed by Day 3, followed by Day 6, etc. Truly unconventional method of building up a story. This is what makes the film strikingly similar to "Requiem" because the narrative is not linear. Whereas in the case of "Psycho", the
Carrie all drenched in blood.
audience is kept at dark who the real villain is until the end. Further, it was also reminiscent of the 1974's Stephen King's classic "Carrie" especially in the scene where Amy was all covered in blood. 

Another notable element of the film was the voice over of Amy. It gave the audience a better glimpse of how she feels and how she she thinks; how she plots and how she devises scheme. And because of that, gradually the audience learns to despise her- the Amazing Amy that America loved; the Amazing Amy that could get away with whatever she does.

Ben Affleck was effective in his acting although I felt that there was something missing. Don't get me wrong, I find Affleck portrayal of Nick as amazing. The problem was, the character seemed to resemble Affleck's normal personality and in effect, he doesn't look like he is acting. But Rosamund Pike was the girl to hate and love in the movie (this girl deserves an Oscar!). She was so convincing in her portrayal of the control freak Amy. Neil Patrick Harris was also notable but he looked so awkward knowing that he's gay and he's having sex with Rosamund's character. Just doesn't add up to me.

Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne; Rosamund Pike as "Amy Dunne"

The musical scoring was also effective. In some of the reviews I've read on Gone Girl, director David Fincher said that he wanted to create a relaxing and yet sinister mood in the film. That's why the first few minutes, the audience is confused what to feel. 

Overall, the film was spectacular and I would rate it 9/10 for the simple reason that it had a very unexpected ending- one that would leave the audience wondering what could possibly happen to Affleck's character.

A Comparison of the Mise-en-Scene of Amores Perros and Requiem for A Dream

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