Friday, January 2, 2015

MISC | Welcome 2015... Welcome Better Days

Okay, so we welcome 2015 albeit my entry is a day delayed ( I hope this doesn't translate into a year of late-ness ). This year looks promising although I am not exactly sure why... it's just a hunch that grows in me.

For sure, 2015 will usher some new roads to walk. And that makes it more exciting. It's also going to be my 29th... woohoo, a year shy from turning into 30. And that makes me think about the future- a stable future. Whatever that means.

2014 has been a little sluggish for me. It's like me waiting in a bus stop, waiting for the bus to come. And the waiting has finally ended. I think that in the course of the months that passed by, I have become more mature and more forgiving. I have learned to accept that we cannot change much of what fate has given to us, but we can always walk around it. As they say, the path is not straight. And why can't we take the road less traveled?

Ah, there are just so many potentials waiting to be uncovered. We only need to grab them. So I say, cheers to a more positive and adventurous year ahead.

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