Saturday, February 21, 2015

RUEDA | February 2015 Rueda ( Round Up )

Editor's Note:
We have started a small rueda social nights every Sunday at Route66/Trader Vic's at 08:30pm to 10:30pm

For further announcements, please visit our salsa group at:
FB Group:

Rueda De Casino is a dance that easily grows on you not because it's easy, but because you're hitting many goals at the same time.

First, Rueda as a group dance also develops your confidence in salsa partner skills. Most of the calls in Rueda can be executed with a partner ( and trust me, when you dance with a partner who knows how to rueda just give the call and the steps will be easy as pie ).

Second, you develop a genuine rapport with people who have the same love and passion for salsa dancing. And that is important, because dancing is a form of communication so it eases the relationships of expats with each other.

Third, you enjoy and lose weight. Enough said.

Rueda De Casino International Flashmob

PDO Fun Rueda Performance during Basketball Break

Rueda Intermission at Wedding Anniversary of David & Gerlyn

Rueda Rehearsals at my house

Rueda- Trienta Y Tres

Rueda at Trader Vic's on a Monday

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