Monday, July 27, 2015

DANCE | Night Out with the Jambo Survivors in Phuket, Thailand

And so my stay in Phuket won't be complete without dancing. And I was very lucky to meet an African band (they are from Tanzania) who played salsa the whole set.

I met Ester (lead singer) and Eddy (male vocalist), who were so warm and friendly with everybody.

They sing very well, especially the popular salsa songs. It's just that not many guests were around during those nights. Probably due to the monsoon season, but I am sure that on summer days this place is jam packed.


Plus, I got to meet two salseros from Holland- Johnnie and his wife. They were in Phuket for some short time and I saw them dancing salsa, so I came up to them and asked whether I can dance with the lady. There I learned that they have a dance studio and Johnnie actually is a DJ, who plays salsa, bachata, kizumba, etc.

Danza Kuduro


Tche Tche

Cha Cha Cha


Waka Waka

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