Monday, September 14, 2015

ARTICLE | Social Graces... You Want to Get Ahead, then Make Sure You Know Proper Social Etiquette

At this age of social networking, one ought to know the basics of social etiquette- in speaking, action, appearance, etc. One's social impression is very crucial in order to gain the most out of relationships.

Hence, I have encountered some tips which are very useful for highly sociable people. 


Throwing a party? Meeting up for some afternoon tea time? Whatever it is, there are some dining etiquette that needs to applied. Read on.

Chapter 1. Dining Etiquette

Dining out is such a pleasurable experience. Friends eat out to share their fun and a table together. Deals are made over meals by businessmen.

Therefore, there is no reason to ruin the event with bad manners. Always keep in mind the following important points.

1. Make a reservation.

2. Be punctual.

3. Cancel your reservation if you change your mind about the venue.

4. The person in whose the table is booked should check at the reception desk that the booking is in order.

5. When a menu has been presented and the host asks you what you would like to have, don't select the most expensive item unless the host suggests it himself.

6. The host (the one who has to pay) does the ordering.

7. As host, show the same concern for guests as he would at home like asking the waiter to fill the glasses and changing an order if a guest is displeased with his food.

8. If you are the guest, and for some reason you were not satisfied as regards the food, say so in a nice way. It is not the restaurant you are insulting, but indirectly you are blaming your host for bringing you there.

9. Wait until your waiter passes your table to claim his attention. Never interrupt his waiting upon another table.

10. For the guest, it looks indecent to try to sneak at the bill while the host is making the payment.

11. Tipping the waiter is very important especially if you plan to come back again, although in some restaurants, the tip is included in the bill itself as service charges.

You think these points missed something? Let us know by commenting below so we can add more points on how to be a more effective person when dining.

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