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ARTICLE | Table Manners... Why Should It Even Matter? (Cont. from "Social Graces")

As Filipinos, we were taught important table manners e.g. not speaking when mouth is full, washing hands before eating, not singing or humming, finishing what's in the plate, etc.

However, there are some important customs which are rather taboo in other cultures like eating with bare hands (even if you washed it), more so with using left hand (as the case in the middle east), eating quietly as opposed to eating loudly, etc. 

Of course, depending on the culture you are in, the table manners would vary. But here are some very generic etiquette to follow.


Chapter 2. Table Manners

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1. Always sit down from the right side of the chair.

2. Do not put an elbow on the table between courses or when you are talking after dinner.

3. Do not dig your elbows into the sides of both your neighbors.

4. Pick up the napkin with your left hand. Unfold and place it gently on your lap.

5. Large napkins are partly unfolded; small napkins are completely unfolded.

6. Use a napkin to remove food crumbs from your lips.

7. Speak only on pleasant topics.

8. If for some reason one of your utensils is not well-polished or has some leftover food particle clinging to it, simply ask your waiter to replace it instead of trying to wipe it clean with your napkin.

9. If a glass of water arrived with a small insect in it, quietly request the waiter to bring you a fresh one.

10. Avoid stretching in front of another person to reach a particular dish. Ask for it to be passed to you.

11. Do not eat from your neighbor's plate, ask for a small piece and put it on your plate if you want to try his food.

12. If you have to remove a piece of food from your mouth, never spit it out noisily or use your fingers to extract it. Use your spoon and bring it your mouth and spit out whatever it is.

13. If you take a bite of food that is too hot to swallow, push it down with water as discreetly as possible.

14. In cases of dropped items. just ask the waiter to replace whatever it is you have dropped.

15. If you are done, place your cutlery side by side in the center of your plate and leave the napkin in its crumpled state by your plate.

16. Do not burp and fart. Excuse yourself from the table and do it elsewhere, but if you just did, say, "Excuse me."

17. Do not floss in public.

18. Excuse yourself if you have to leave the table.

19. Ask permission before you smoke. It is never polite to smoke during a meal.

Did this list miss out anything? Let us know by commenting below.

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