Thursday, September 10, 2015

ARTICLE | What and Who Is Marimar? The 90s Generation Won't Definitely Remember

Marimar is one of the several telenovelas of Mexican actress Thalia, re-rebooted by GMA 7 on its primetime (first was Marian Rivera, now it's Megan Young). 

Makes one wonder how many more Marimar is going to pop out in this network.

Thalia, as original Marimar
To be honest, I have not seen the original Marimar simply because it was aired (back then) in RPN 9 where the broadcast quality is very poor (i.e. dull reception). But my older relatives were gaga over it.

I remember that the show airs around 5pm or 6pm, when it was slowly getting dark outside. And was it only aired on a weekend, that I can't recall. Never paid much attention

It was only later in life that I would become attracted to Marimar because Thalia is closely related to salsa, well at least her songs.

Below is the original opening video of Marimar, tuned to the salsa beat (be ready to dance).

And Thalia recently performed a medley of her popular telenovelas. After all these years, she has maintained that beautiful figure and attractive face. Seemed like never gets old.

So in case you're wondering, who have portrayed Marimar & Sergio in the Philippine reboot-

 Left: Marian Rivera as Marimar (2007) | Right: Megan Young as Marimar (2015)


 Top: DingDong Dantes as Sergio (2007) | Bottom: Tom Rodriguez as Sergio (2015)

Who performed better?

Well, looks like the 2015 production has a better ensemble and narrative (I suppose the writers would be more experienced by now).

The 2007 reboot fared seemingly well, but as an avid Thalia follower, I was looking for the Thalia in Marian Rivera but somehow couldn't quite see the similarity. Marian has very strong and striking persona which made her perfect for the Darna role, but Marimar required a more subdued and innocent character.

Fast forward to 2015, Megan Young seems to possess what a Marimar should be- sweet and innocent. My only issue is, because she used to be the Miss World, I am now expecting her to act like one. But Marimar is of free spirit, and if in order to highlight Megan as the new Marimar then one should forget how elegant her catwalks are and how flawless she is in her manners.

Overall, the new Marimar (2015) looks very promising with the right cast- villains and comic relief, with it's light treatment am sure the mass will buy it.

After all, with the whole stress happening in and out of the Philippines, nobody needs to be told how difficult life is as seen on heavy drama.

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