Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Journal | While There's No Laptop

I found my journal somewhere in my room and thought I'd share my OFW thoughts back in 2011 when I first stepped in Saudi Arabia.

Still has no laptop as of this writing. Got to do this long hand. Though I've noticed that I don't really have much time for writing and I fear that I can only write/record my thoughts on weekends which is by the way Thursday and Friday here in Riyadh.

I wish I can take a photo of my accommodation here just so I won't forget (but I'll keep that in mind still the same). I'll buy the DSLR before I go back to the Philippines. I really have to take photos of this place.

For memory's sake though, let me describe my location.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a five-minute walk from my room. I used to complain how far it is and how inconvenient it is for me to bring all my cooking utensils here but I guess I got used to it. I don't feel the same upset feeling anymore. It's just that I got lazy trying to cook my food.

Nowadays I get most of my fill from canned goods. I ate corned beef for tonight by the way.

The kitchen has two long wooden tables. Around the tables are four rickety chairs infested with bed bugs. When you sit, expect an itchy butt that would last for days- max is three days.

When I got here, there used to be a TV here in the kitchen. People usually gather in front of it chatting and making all sorts of noise. But now it's gone. Perhaps the owner got fed up with all these people, he decided it best to move the TV somewhere else.

Standing around the kitchen are fourteen steel cabinets all owned by residents living near the kitchen. When the owners open these cabinets, you'll see that most of the stuff inside are cooking wares and coffee, etc.

There's also that dirty looking LG airconditioner worn out from years of usage. It's the only source of air in this room so despite of its poor condition, I'm still thankful that it's there.

Adjacent to the tables are the stoves. There are a good 16 sets of stoves lining the cooking tables. A number of them stoves are also found outside. Although I have never used the stoves outside.

There are also four washing basins, but only two are functional. Let me just say that everything here in the kitchen is a sore image of deterioration.

One time I saw this cull chicken roaming around the kitchen feeding on scraps from the garbage bins. Apart from this chicken, there are also two big cats frequently seen here. One is the orange which we fondly call "Garfield." The other cat is horribly dirty I wouldn't dare touch it with a ten foot pole.

While writing this entry, two guys started eating on the same table and I feel very uncomfortable . I wanted very much to transfer but I feel very extremely lazy to move.

So going back to my point earlier- this is going to be a temporary journal just until I buy my own laptop by the end of August.

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