Friday, January 8, 2016

DANCE | Salsa Night at Aracama & Meeting Jojo Alfonso

As a salsa dancer, I always find myself meeting such amazing and talented people. Last night at Aracama in BGC, I met again Jojo Alfonso, a certified Salsa aficionado based in Bangkok Thailand. 

He is teaching salsa, bachata and kizomba. I've seen his moves and boy, the guy can dance. I'm pretty sure that he has made a name for himself in Thailand. Look him up on YouTube and you'll see loads of his sleek moves.

PS. My salsa instructor Fernando has now moved to Thailand. Chances are that in this small part of town, the two will meet and share the same passion for dancing. 

Photos courtesy of @RoseBonita & @LexterSze. Thanks for the great shots.

I have pretty much slacked off in the past weeks, not dancing very much. My days have been spent this December 2015 mostly in sleeping and eating. And as I have mentioned with the students in salsa, one tends to get rusty when not practicing the moves. So it's really important to constantly rehearse.

My only issue right now is that soon as I move to Saudi Arabia, I will completely lose touch with salsa since there isn't much dancing happening in that conservative country. So with the remaining days that I have, hopefully I can maximize my dancing and save some good memories. Because nothing lasts as they say.

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