Wednesday, February 17, 2016

JOURNAL | Karen Davila of DZMM interviews Manny Pacquiao

In the continuing saga of Manny Pacquiao digging his grave deeper by the day, Karen Davila from a popular AM radio station DZMM has interviewed Manny and grilled him on several issues including same sex marriage and anti-discrimination bill. A good point raised by Karen was the separation of the State and Church, which Manny brushed off saying that at this time, a government cannot run properly without the guidance of the Lord.

And since we are the business of quoting Biblical quotes, i.e. Leviticus, below is a clip of the Leviticus commands. 

How does this affect the teleserye that the whole nation has been glued to this week. We shall find out in the coming days. Watch the video below.

Karen Davila interviewing Manny Pacquiao in DZMM
Karen Davila interviewing Manny Pacquiao in DZMM"Manny, tanong ko lang ano, should you be a senator or should you be a pastor? Dyan sa line of reasoning mo ngayon ano, should you be a senator in 21st century o mag-pastor ka na lang?"credits to: DZMMTeleRadyo
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Facebook User | Maria Lourdes Moreno Santos

Another FB user has posted this statement on the doctrines written in the Bible. If to follow the logic of Manny, then these points should be taken into account as well.

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