Saturday, February 6, 2016

MOVIE REVIEW | Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

This movie is one action packed stuff... but behind the gory scenes, I can't help but apply a Feminist reading especially at the end when 'redemption' comes at the turn of tables whereby the mothers have now full control of the water. Does it make a strong feminist message? Not so. Because it was still Max who saved the day.

Okay, let's take it at face value. Cinematography & screenplay were outstanding. Although this is the 4th installment in the Mad Max series, it is not difficult to follow the story line- which is the redemption of Furiosa & the wives that leads to the eventual recapture of the Citadel.

Charlize Theron & Tom Hardy were also brilliant in this movie. The movie, which has a running time of almost 2 hours has failed to present a character development and thereby didn't give enough space for Theron & Hardy to showcase their acting prowess. But this move was necessary to give the entire story a better highlight. 

SO the audience does not look at who and what the characters are. The audience become interested in how the chase would turn out and if it will ever go the way the audience expect it to be- to have a happy ending. 

The last scene where Furiosa was being heralded up the elevator and Max getting lost in the crowd was something that goes against the happy ending that would have been expected. And this is a smart move. 

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