Wednesday, March 23, 2016

ARTICLE | From Fit to Fab... Dealing With Weight Problems

In 2013, I moved to Oman to work at a Destination Management Company. I was around 57 kgs when I arrived in that Middle Eastern country. After two years, I inflated to around 65 kgs... and it's not just physical that affected me, my mental and emotional health were also casualty. 

My cheeks and tummy started swelling into uncontrollable proportion, my clothes wouldn't fit me anymore and my pants' zipper got ripped. It was both funny and exasperating. For a socially active person like me, getting fat was the last thing I would like to happen to myself. It made me sluggish, socially awkward and downplayed my self confidence.

Looking back, I realize that some of the triggers for weight gain are the following:

a. Stress
b. Stress leads to stress eating & sometimes dependency to alcohol
c. Stress eating leads to sluggishness
d. Sluggishness leads to excessive desire to stay in bed or sit down for prolonged time
e. Inactivity conditions the body to reject aerobic activities

So it only makes sense that stress is the root of weight gain. Kill stress and you are able to be fit and healthy. The only question is how to fight off stress. Based on personal experience, I would say the following would be some effective ways in combating stress:

a. Do your best and avoid worrying
b. Do not be too perfectionist and accept that despite our best, there is something to improve on
c. Hang out with people who exude positive outlook in life / avoid those who brush their angst on you
d. Eat healthy food / avoid meat and sugar
e. Exercise and work out, or maybe dance
f. Meditate and have some quiet time once a day
g. Pray to a higher being and let your worries float away
h. Sleep at least 6 hours a day, but not more than 8
i. Drink lots of water & green tea

So hope this helps someone out there struggling with weight issues. It only takes some courage to change your present. 

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