Wednesday, March 23, 2016

TRAVEL | Ever Been to Quezon Province? Well You're In For A Treat

(It's almost 2am and I'm getting a little sleepy but here comes the last article for today)

Since it is Holy Week and people have started to travel to several places, I would like to point out that there are a few good places that tourists can visit in Quezon Province, and as a treat I'll share with you a personal itinerary. :)

Day 1 : Lucena
Attractions | St. Ferdinand Cathedral, Perez Park, Old Capitol Building


Old Facade of Lucena City 
Old Photos of Lucena
Perez Park

Lunch at Antigua Restaurant
Dinner at Alvino's Restaurant

Accommodation : Queen Margarette Hotel (3*) or Star Towers (3*)

Day 2 : Pagbilao
Attractions | Kwebang Lampas, Dampalit


Kwebang Lampas (Pagbilao, Quezon)
Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon

Picnic Lunch at Lukang Beach
Dinner at Silangang Nayon

Accommodation : Palaisdaan Resort

Day 3 : Lucban
Attractions | Tayabas Church, Old Bridges, Kamay Ni Hesus, Lucban Church, Lucban Delicacies


Kamay Ni Hesus
St. Michael Basilica in Tayabas 
Popular Lucban Delicacies
Impressions of Lucban

Lunch at Palaisdaan Restaurant (Related: Old Kamayan sa Palaisdaan)
Dinner at Palaisdaan Resort


Palaisdaan Resort
Palaisdaan Resort in Tayabas
Palaisdaan Resort

Accommodation : Palaisdaan Resort

Day 4 : Mauban
Attractions | Cagbalete White Sand
A white sand beach where the changing of tides is very evident. During low tide the waters can move as far back as 1 kilometer, leaving the shore dry and exposing all the rocks and coralas that may be underneath. 

Lunch at Beach
Dinner at Beach

Accommodation : Basic Camping

Day 5 : End of Trip

Did you enjoy your visit to Quezon Province? Let us know by sharing your experiences. :)

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