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ARTICLE | The Anatomy of An Online Sensation, Security Officer - Je Olivar

The Anatomy of An Online Sensation

How does one become viral on the Internet? This is one curious question I had at the back of my mind, after the ascent of sensations like Sigmaton aka Carrotman and the rest of the blue collar working Filipinos who followed the trend.

Video from 24 Oras, May 22

On May 16th, while doing a photoshoot cover for a fashion show I spotted this really good-looking security officer at the events ground. I know it is very unethical to take photos without proper release documents but it was a matter of "take it now or never." I usually have the eye to spot people who are endowed with deeper stories. I knew in an instant that this man will be the talk of the town, no doubt about that. 

So I uploaded his collated photo on my FB page on May 17th. Posts in my page usually generate 5,000 views in a week but to my surprise the next day I found the photo reaching 100,000 views at a speed I've never seen before. So I was right, there was indeed something interesting about the good-looking security officer. 

The next thing I knew, I was receiving inquiries inquiries from talent handlers and even Media outfits about the guy. To be honest, it was never my intention to be famous for taking the photos. I was just happy that I became an instrument for this security officer to have his 15 minute of fame, albeit short it was an experience of a lifetime which will (or might not be) remembered in the annals of Facebook in the Philippines.

In the middle of it all, there are some important factors to consider for something to become viral:

The most trending male figures on Facebook

Who nailed it? - Carrotman, Gasoline Boy, Security Officer

1) The subject has to be interesting and must have a depth. Netizens are interested to know more about a person's life story that has the elements of telenovela, e.g. poverty, struggle, inspiring story. These things spark interests.

2) Good looks is not enough. There should be an MMK factor in the package. In short, it has to be within the realms of the mass. A subject that everyone can relate to. Plus factor on the mystery level, since netizens are kept asking for more details.

3) The timing has to be right. A viral sensation cannot sprout if there are more pressing issues at hand. In the case of the security officer, "Badjao Girl" paved the way to all succeeding personalities online. It was high time, and netizens were all gaga for anything that may resemble a story of Badjao Girl.

4) Facebook has several influential key-people. The dynamics in Facebook is simple and yet complicated. Simple, because one only needs to figure out which trending pages can boost the exposure. Complicated, because not all online trends are selected. Only those that make waves are given more prominence. 

In the case of the Security Officer, he was fortunate to be noticed by GMA Network. From this, his visibility became wider and more and more Facebook pages and blogs starting writing articles on him. In essence, this created a bigger hype for the Security Officer.

5) The viral sensation has a lifespan of a moth. They don't usually last and are easily forgotten by netizens, as if they never happened. You can't blame them though. With the influx of issues on Facebook, attention span of people can only be as long as a goldfish (that's what researches indicate). 

So it is important that before all's forgotten, the message has been delivered. Whatever that message is.

Below are some of the media mileage that helped catapult the Security Officer into his short lived fame:

Mamang Sekyu of SM Lucena, 
Viral Sensation (May 2016)

Pasayahan sa Lucena 2016
Photo by Mardio Nadera

Rated K - May 29

Pasayahan sa Lucena
Photo by Grace Bagtas

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Spotted: Good-looking #SekyuMan in SM Lucena making waves on social media
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Look: 'Baedy Guard' in SM Lucena Went Viral

24 Oras (May 22), Chika Minute Segment - GMA 7

Sunday Pinasaya (02:57) - GMA 7

Arresting security guard captures hearts on social media
GMA News Online

Handsome Security Staff of SM Lucena Goes Viral
Social Trends PH, Your Source of Viral Stories!

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Trending Kay Berto - May 21

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Paminta Superstar

The BaedyGuard of Shoppers at SM City Lucena
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Have I missed any article on the Security Officer? Do let us know by leaving a comment below.

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