Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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Human Resources Functions

When we talk about Human Resources or HR, we seem to have a general understanding of what an HR personnel really does. Certainly he works by hiring people to a company, but is that all to it? To be blunt, HR professionals do more than hiring. In fact, hiring is only one part of his responsibilities. And if the staff are the backbone of a company, then HR professionals are the people behind the construction of this backbone.

I'm writing this because recently, I've done some job hunting on online ads. Not surprisingly, in the Middle East there you will find an abundance of job orders for HR works. But what is really disheartening is that the salary range for HR positions for Filipinos are so low, it is almost an insult to accept anything of these offers. They treat HR like it's some a dispensable part of the overall corporate system. But more than that, they treat Filipinos like their market value can be cheapen- just like that. 

And usually the qualifications they ask for are so unreasonable like, two to five years experience in related field; or college degree or higher;  or anyone can speak Arabic or foreign language. This is just so unacceptable, so for you employers who are hiring HR people, please take time to read below our functions and see the value we bring to your company.

Employment and Recruiting

Work with hiring manager to develop ideal candidate criteria, collaborate with private headhunters and peruse job boards to find employees.

Labor and Employee Relations

Serve as liaison between employee and management about contracts and grievances, resolve disputes.

Training and Development

Organize and conduct new employee orientation; Provide ongoing education to staff; determine what trainings are needed; design materials and workshops for presentation.

Job Analysis

Identify and document job detail and requirements; determine their relative importance.

Benefits and Compensation

Prepare salary and packages; ensure these meet the needs of the employees and management.

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