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JOURNAL | Hints on Taking Down Notes

Hints on Taking Down Notes

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1. Get a loose-leaf notebook large enough to hold any mimeographed material that the instructor gives you.

2. Use  a good pen or ballpen. A pencil is hard to push, and the writing blurs.

3. Concentrate on what the teacher and your classmates are doing and saying.

4. Watch for key phrases and sentences that give essential points. Words like therefore, consequently, and accordingly frequently indicate that a summary is to follow.

5. Begin notes for a new lesson by writing the title on a new sheet of paper.

6. Use your own shorthand and abbreviations (&, etc., e.g., U.S. gov't), but be sure you can read your notes back.

7. List main points. Omit details and illustrations unless they will help you to remember. Skip a line between topics.

8. Write exactly all names, dates, figures and formulas.

9. Do not become so wrapped up in note-taking that you miss half of the discussion. As you write, keep your ears open.

10. Go over your notes as soon as possible after class.

11. Before entering the class, read over your last notes. This will help you begin where you left off.

12. Take down good notes on any outside reading, so that you do not have to reread the material before an examination.

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