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TRAVEL | Family Trip to the City of Pines- Baguio!

Night market in Baguio is a fun activity and also a rewarding one!

My mom sent me an SMS asking if I would like to join the Baguio trip on May 25th. There was nothing on my calendar so I said yes. It has been ages since I went to Baguio (I think I was still in high school during my last visit). Together with my relatives, we traveled via this big van with a karaoke inside! Whew, try beating that- a live entertainment inside the van. So you could guess how fun the whole trip was. So what's so special about Baguio? Well it has been dubbed as the Summer Capital of the Philippines and has a lot of touristic places to offer. 

Took us about 12 hours to reach Baguio from Lucena City. Normally you can get to Baguio in 8 hours but since the driver had to stop once in a while, the time has been extended. Anyhow, everything was brilliantly organized by my fabulous Aunt Cecilia. The house and food were absolutely charming. I had a wonderful weekend in Baguio. (See below for our itinerary).

Left: Burnham Park in 2000; Right: PMA in 2016. It has been 16 years since I visited Baguio

Funny story: The driver was falling asleep in the middle of the road so he keeps breaking and cars behind us be like honking like crazy. I was a scared of course, and prayed that the driver doesn't get us into any car crash.

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The Night Market of Baguio: Let the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

I think the best part of the trip was when my sister and I went to the night market. I did not have any idea that there was a night market. So I just let my sister lead the road. We took a cab and had to wait until 9:30 before going to Burnham Park. 

It was nice to see Session Road at night. That strip of street is very alive and teeming with people. It fascinates me to think about the Baguio people culture I only read from books o read online. Baguio people they say are very hospitable and fun to jam with, unfortunately I wasn't able to meet new friends. But perhaps another time.

The night market is like a tight competition among people. There are too many shops but very little space. The prices of goods are so cheap that you cannot help but buy whatever you see. There is no option to go back, so when you find something; you either purchase or leave it. Haggling in the night market is also a very big advantage. You can get big discounts if you ask for it. So in the end, I bought a number of clothes.

Too many people, too many stuff to buy

In essence, yeah finding good stuff in Baguio Night Market is very much like trying to survive the Hunger Games, where you depend on your skills to find the best in the sea of goods.

But just when I thought everything was in order, and that we can just walk home- we had a very big mistake of pretending that we knew where the road to our accommodation is. In short, we were lost. And in the midst of our walk, we found ourselves face to face with Victory Liner bus station. Yes, the same bus station that Angelica and JM went to in their movie "That Thing Called Tadhana". I thought, wow, so will there be a hugot moment for me? But reality hits me, we were still lost. So we just decided to take a cab going home.

Note: Although it's a good thing to get lost once in a while, and I do recommend to be lost; it's a different thing when you are lost with little girls in the middle of the night. So be very careful about this. Safety should always be a priority in any backpacking or trips.

Things to Remember When In Baguio
  • If you have sensitive tummies, it is best to bring your own bottled water than purchase local water. I guess this applies whenever one is going out to travel. There's nothing more annoying than traveling with an upset stomach, and you ending up looking for the nearest toilet. You not only waste the chance to see around but also inconvenience others.
  • That goes without saying that you have to bring your medicine. Some of the most common medicine that should be present in your kit are: anti histamine, anti diarrhea, analgesic, ibuprofen.
  • The travel time to Baguio can take a little while so you can bring comfortable pillows and blankets. During summer days in Baguio, the temperature has changed drastically. It is no longer cold, in fact I was sweating the whole time and wearing sando the whole length of the trip.
  • Food on the way to Baguio can be very pricey. Imagine Yakult being sold for 15 PhP. Well of course I understand that shops will have to put surcharge for these items; so it's wise to bring your own items rather than buy them on the road.
  • Traffic jam can build up in major busy points like Pampanga, Pangasinan and Baguio. It is better to travel during off peak hours to avoid getting stuck on the road.
Baguio Itinerary

Day 0

21:00 Land travel from Lucena City

Day 1

08:00 Arrival in Baguio City
12:00 Lunch cooked at the accommodation
13:00 Baguio Botanical Garden
14:00 The Mansion
15:00 Mine's View Park
16:00 Burnham Park

Day 2

09:00 Chinese Temple
10:00 Strawberry Farm
11:00 Philippine Military Academy
12:00 Lunch
15:00 Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto
16:00 Teachers' Camp
21:00 Burnham Park Night Market

Day 3

09:00 Baguio Cathedral
12:00 Lunch in Pangasinan
15:00 Break in Pampanga


You may contact the below for the transient house

Breezy Hills
Transient House
18 Martinez Street
Engineers Hill
(Near Victory Line)
Terminal 350 Meter from SM


Smart: 0908 721 6480
TM: 0926 573 4908
Landline: (074) 619 0290

Note: Ask for their City Camp Transient House as well.

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