Saturday, August 20, 2016

MOVIE | The Secret Life of Pets

Quick review on "The Secret Life of Pets"
Rating: 4/10

There's so much cuteness in the film, but that did not salvage the narrative which is to say- there isn't much meat to begin with. In an attempt to showcase the adorableness of the cutesy characters, the film makers failed to give them a credible struggle that any audience could relate to. It was in a way, a little shameful; only because the audience was trying to bear with the story progression only to be left with the same plot in any predictable story.

You see (and not to spoil the film for those who haven't seen it), Max the Tiny Dog had some snotty ego thing with himself who gets caught up in a tangle with anti-human ex-pets. The crazy interlacing of the underground ex-pets with Max and Duke (the big brown dog) did not make much sense. This is even complicated by the pet friends of Max who started building up their own narrative as the cute white dog eventually confesses her love for Max, befriends a falcon and single handedly beating up the whole underground ex-pets. If anything, the white dog's story would have been a more interesting plot, than Max. Truth be told, the audience just wanted to fast forward the movie until Max gets back to his owner (which is what's going to happen anyhow).

So if you are into some feel good, non sense movie; then this one is for you. As for this reviewer's taste, maybe Pixar should stick to narratives like Monster Inc, the Incredibles and Despicable Me.

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