Saturday, August 13, 2016

SPORTS | Joseph Schooling of Singapore Beats Michael Phelps of US in 100m Butterfly

My initial reaction when it sank on me was that, "Man, if Michael Phelps is a fish; then this #JosephSchooling must have been some kind of a faster fish... because nobody gets ahead of Michael Phelps ever. But Joseph Schooling slapped the world right in the face and said- "You were saying?"

Why is it a big deal? Because Michael Phelps is considered as the best swimmer in all of the Olympic history; so it is only understandable that the whole sports fandom got shocked when an Asian schooled them (pun intended) on how to swim. And you'll see that the time gap is quite a figure coz every nano second counts in swimming.

There's no denying that until yesterday, Joseph Schooling was just a regular name in the long list of swimmers in Rio Olympics 2016. But when he made the biggest break in his career, and he not only broke one, but several records in the Olympic history, Joseph Schooling is now a legend. His feat in the 100m butterfly event set him on the podium with gold and etched his name with the following records:

Joseph Isaac Schooling

Singapore's first Olympic gold medallist
Smashed Olympic record for 100m butterfly with 50.39s
Finished almost 1s ahead of the rest
First ever gold medal by Southeast Asian male swimmer

Truly an inspiration to us all Asians, and a testament that with hard work and right attitude, there is nothing impossible. The current medal standing shows that US is still way ahead of the competition with the most number of golds followed by China, UK, Japan and South Korea. East Asians are a force to reckon with, and as a Filipino, I am happy for all their achievements. #Rio2016 #Olympics

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