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LIFESTYLE | How To Achieve the Perfect Hairstyle for Men

Now how do you get the perfect hairstyle?

Getting the right hairstyle on you doesn't happen by chance. To some extent, there is a science behind achieving the right hairstyle for each men. You really want to get this right unless you want to live in regret for the next couple of months. 

And for men, hairstyle is something that only happens once in a month (anything beyond is excessive and the amount you spend for your hair can be used for something more useful, uhm, like a glass of wine in the nearest pub... okay, never mind). That being said, let's now turn to the main issue.

1. Research. Let's face it, there are several factors to consider when thinking about your haircut- race, skin color, age, height, kind of lifestyle, face shape, etc. Not all hairstyle will fit everyone. This ain't your instant shop where you get things quickly. 

Nah-uh! If you go getting a haircut, make sure that it fits you. It doesn't mean that it looks good on David Beckham or Zayn Malik, would look cool on you presto. Fact of the matter is- you ain't no David nor Zayn, so better bite the bullet and start living reality.

2. Choose your hairstylist. You know there are a hundred of hairshops you can find around, but frankly not everyone does the same job. Hence, it helps if you can find the better suited hairstylist for you.

Well this comes more of a trial and error phase. Can be pretty tricky, but you just gotta go through the hustle. And when you find someone who works OK with you, then stick with him. He would take care of you and your hairstylist would know exactly what you want.

3. Say what you want. It often happens that we tell the hairstylist what we want. The hairstylist asks you what haircut you want, and you being clueless just reply "something that fits". But more often than not, hairstylist do not know what really fits. So don't be shy to express how you want your hair done. Refer to point #1, and explain what you think should happen. 

At the end of your session, ask yourself- "Am I OK with my haircut? Can I live like this for the next couple of months?" If your answer is yes, then you're good to go. Otherwise, let the hairstylist know what else should be done.

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4. Fix it. Now when you go home, you shower. The next day, your hair wouldn't look the same as the previous day when it was styled at the shop. Don't fret! This is the most normal phase in having a new haircut. Remember that you have done the crucial phases 1, 2 and 3. Now is the time to move to the next stage which is maintaining your hair.

For men, tidying your hair after shower can be a gruesome ritual. The process takes something like in the instagram video above, steps below.

4.1 Blowdry hair to the desired direction
4.2 Apply some powder e.g. talcum powder
4.2 Apply some matte paste e.g. wax or clay (Note: DO NOT use gel)

5. So now that you are ready with your hair, you can stay confident the whole month knowing that you've done your self a good job. Pat on the back dude!

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