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MOVIE REVIEW | Doctor Strange 2016 (Starring Benedict Cumberbatch & Tilda Swinton)

Rating: 7.5 / 10
Disclaimer: The review is highly influenced by previous Marvel films like Antman & Deadpool, hence the big comparison and fuss about the sense of humor on the narrative.
Just a quick review on Doctor Strange. 

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Movie Review | Doctor Strange

I honestly think that no other actor could have played any better than Benedict Cumberbatch (earlier I was thinking about Ryan Gosling, but nah just can't be). Cumberbatch has some air of authority on his persona and he's really good at characterizations. He's able to sort of disappear behind his character and all that is visible is the character he is playing. The only downside is when he starts to try become funny because I feel that somehow it doesn't really match his serious aura. Nonetheless, he definitely gave justice to the Doctor Strange. In fact, nobody can play it any better.

Tilda Swinton was also notable for her portrayal of The Ancient One/Sorcerer Supreme, although in the original comics version, this character should have been a male Asian monk. But because the creative writers deemed it best not to be locked into this kung-fu-ish monk character, they took the opportunity to cast a white female lead. I've always liked Tilda Swinton (cf. Constantine; Chronicles of Narnia). She's one of the enigmatic Hollywood actress who's able to underact and yet appear so convincing. 

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But it was the CGI's and visual effects that made my day. It was surely a feast for the eyes. The narrative progression was also fact paced, but just enough for any audience (whether a Marvel fan or not) to follow what is happening.

The romantic affair between Strange and Christin was also an interesting element. Rachel McAdams (cf. Spotlight) always radiates a light mood to any film she gets into. And her character created a closer touch to reality e.g. as a nurse just trying to do her job and save lives. It was almost like watching ER and Grey's Anatomy all over again (which I simply adored).

The ending of the film was open ended. You know very well that something else is about to happen, so the viewer is hooked on to it and expects to see more.

Thumbs up for Doctor Strange.

Favorite Quote

We never lose our demons, we only learn to live above them.
-The Ancient One

Doctor Strange is set to return on screen in the upcoming movies, as stated on Wikipedia:

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