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ARTICLE | A Personal Look Back On 2016

In a few minutes, 2017 will step in. I would like to look back on my whole 2016 and see what has transpired with it. In hindsight, I know that 2016 has become a shaky year for me, testing my limits and faith on the universe. Thus the reason why I would like go back in the past 12 months.

January 2016

Could it be that you thought you would be leaving the Philippines quite soon. You were positive about it. But at the back of your mind, something is pulling you back. It is not yet time. You had to listen to the voice inside you and keep the faith.

It was all faith that made me firm all throughout. But it wasn't an easy stand. There were many a time when I thought all hope was lost. But I just kept moving on. I kept praying that I may be an instrument for a larger plan.

In January, I started the "Sewing Machine" fund drive to help the less privileged community adopted by my alma mater. It was a rather unusual start with me literally bumping with Ms. Forneste, my former teacher in Morality.

In that corner, we exchanged pleasantries and she mentioned about donating to the community. I took it as a challenge and gathered all the resources- time and money, to mobilize my batchmates and be able to procure the sewing machines. 

The plan was only for one sewing machine, but in the end we were able to donate three.


January 2016 also marked my reunion with my family. I have not spent New Year with them for almost 4 years.  Meeting my favorite radio jock- Normandy in Antigua; and forging close bonds with salsa people in Manila i.e. Rose and Lexter.

February 2016

It was my birthday. My 30th birthday, and I spent it while sitting inside the bus. It was drizzling outside, the drops of rain gushing on the window. I did not even realize that it was the 19th because I was too caught up with all my worries.

What was I thinking during those times? Can't really recall now. But it was a bizarre feeling, you know- spending your birthday inside the bus. I ought to feel depressed but somehow the peace just took over. It was like in those brief moment, I felt at ease with myself. I am indeed 30.


Aside from my birthday, February also saw the many social events that I attended such as the UP Kalilayan's Tagisan, Maryhill College MAPEH Streetdance and Mr/Ms MC where I performed some salsa number.

March 2016

In March 2016, my good friend Dazzle Flancia opened her first beauty salon in Lucena City. I was there to take photos during the inauguration but I was late and I came after the priest was one with the blessings.

Other than that, March was rather uneventful. Holy week was spent on attending mass with my mom and sister. Summer has already kicked in. I couldn't walk outside without sweating like a faucet.

April 2016

April 2016 is best remembered for the satirical "Suntukan sa Ace Hardware" in which thousands of Facebook users said they are going to attend. And to make the matter more interesting, the venue of the bogus event was in SM Lucena. TV news quickly picked up on the fiasco and reported that it was indeed a hoax. But hey, I went there just to check. 


My friend Dazzle and Heidy also came home for a quick vacation. It was Dazzle's father 'babang luksa' and her family offered some prayer. While in Lucena, we went on for some road tripping to Liliw Laguna and bar hopping in Summit Bar in Tayabas.

May 2016

Nothing significant happened in May, except that my previous company in Saudi Arabia got back to me and wanted me to work again for their company. There were some complications though and the offer did not match my requirement so I had to politely decline. It was a tough decision, but something that had to be done.


It was also in May 2016 that I think I fell in love. Not the genuine sort of love. I suspect that I was in love with the feeling and idea, and not towards the other person. Anyway, you learned that one never really gets what he wants especially in love. And that attraction is a totally bizarre thing. You fall for someone, but that someone doesn't fall for you. 

June 2016

June 2016, my final month in the Philippines. My previous company in Oman has offered me another contract and I accepted it.

The last few days were spent mostly on meeting friends. Emerald, a good friend from UP Diliman suddenly bumped into me on my last night in Lucena City. 

July 2016

You decide to move on. With the guidance from the Universe, you simply had to let fate to drive the wheel. You are clueless on what's stored ahead, but at the same time you are strong and ready to take on the challenge.

July 2016 was the most hectic month. It was almost every night that I was out and meeting friends; danced in all the clubs and dined with the company of the people I missed the most.

August 2016

Parties and events never stops and the hectic sched of July continued to trickle down to August. But as the high season in my job began, I had to tone down my affairs and prep up for the busy season ahead.

September 2016

I sum up September in three- beach, food and dance.

October 2016

November 2016

December 2016

Things are still far from becoming clear. But the signs are there- keep the faith; be strong and survive the rest of the obstacles ahead. You are never alone. Be strong.

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