Saturday, June 3, 2017

MOVIE REVIEW | Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Rating: 8 / 10 

Not my favorite DC movie really, but when I think about Batman and Superman, I must say that Wonder Woman is not a bad film. As with the usual DC films, there is depth in the story. But what makes Wonder Woman different from other DC superhero films is that-

1. There was humor in the film.
2. It was not dark and grim.
3. The mood was uplifting and has a sense of redemption 
4. It was not afraid to kill the love interest which made a big difference.

Other than those, here are some of my thoughts:

+ Away with its Traditional American Innuendos

Fact is, Wonder Woman's origin was never American so there's no point donning her the star spangled banner. I appreciate the fact that Wonder Woman no longer has the US flag motif in her costume. In fact, you cannot trace anything American from her (aside from the fact the she speaks English fluently, with an accent).

But still, out of the hundred languages that Diana can speak- the whole Amazon tribe chose English?! English, even if they descended from the Greeks. I would understand if it was a mix with Greek and English (like what they did with LOTR mixing the elvish language with English or Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" using Aramaic instead of English.

Just my pet peeves though.

+ Well Done with the Origin

The origin story was well developed- not too much info, nor too little. As audience, we can finally understand where Diana is coming from. (Although I had to read some materials to understand more about her e.g. where her powers come from, etc.)

FYI. Did you notice how Diana's Tiara and chest plate bears - WW, without a single mention of "Wonder Woman" in the film? Was it a coincidence that the Amazon war suit has the WW emblem? (Similar to Superman's "S" but in fact was not S in Clark's planet).

In 1941, when the original creators released the comic version, the alter name of Diana was "Suprema" and not Wonder Woman. The original title was "Suprema: The Wonder Woman" which was created to match the popularity of Superman. Later on, the name Suprema was dropped, hence "Wonder Woman".

+ Fight Stunts are Gripping

Stunts were impressive. I so loved the slow-mo's in the fight scene. I just wished there was more of the Amazon fight scenes than gun shooting.

- Cheesy Bits - Love Conquers All

What I don't appreciate is how WW has failed to veer away from the typical formula aka Love conquers all. Notice how WW solved all her problems because she believed in love. OMG, that was the cheesiest part. Somehow it reduced WW to the damsel in distress figure, who only rise when given that motivation from men.

I just wished there was no falling in love factor, but good for DC they killed the love interest e.g. Steve Rogers. At least that bit felt authentic. Because people die in wars.

- Ain't That Too Easy- Ares Popping Up

Also the plot is a little convenient. You look for a god, and the god comes at you. And you kill a god with a lightning bolt? Preposterous, if not borderline silly.

- Can We Make World War 1 More Realistic

WW gonna be dealing with World War 1, better dig deeper into the material. Learn from "Hacksaw Ridge" and portray a realistic image of war- gore and bloody. Maybe that would help audience sympathize more to Diana's struggle to stop the war.

No post film credits. Voila, I just spoiled it.

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