Saturday, June 3, 2017

TRAVEL | Pietro in Cebu & Bohol, Philippines

Can't get enough of the Philippines. Here's the third vid from the travels of Pietro. This time he visits Cebu, the Queen capital of the South in the Philippines and Bohol, Tagbilaran.

I've been to Cebu myself, but these places that Pietro visited were none in my itinerary. I'm actually surprised to know that there are nice beaches in Cebu. But yeah, if you have visited Coron and Palawan, then there's no point going to Cebu anymore.

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I would say the better itinerary would be something like - 
  • Option A: Cebu - Palawan - Coron/El Nido
  • Option B: Boracay - Palawan - Coron/El Nido

Now that I write this travel piece, I realize that I don't take enough photos of things that matter. So perhaps I need to step up more and work on my travel photography skills.

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